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All the Steer and Go team of experienced male and female driving instructors in Newcastle upon Tyne are expert in teaching the techniques of driving automatic cars.

  • We Provide Automatic Driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Minimum Lesson Duration of 2 Hours
  • Book more hours for a discount
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Choice of Male or Female Instructors
  • Fully Qualified Instructors
  • Pre pay online via our website
  • Excellent Customer Service

Settle into the driving seat of a car with automatic transmission. There’s no gear shift. There’s no clutch pedal. That’s two fewer things to think about when you’re starting driving lessons. With only the wheel, accelerator and brake to operate, it’s literally just a matter of steer and go!

That’s why a good many of our learners find they very quickly feel comfortable in an automatic car, and more confident when it comes to successfully taking the driving test. So choosing to take automatic driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne is definitely an option worth thinking about.

Who can benefit from automatic driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Practically everyone will find it quicker and easier to learn to drive an automatic car, because they don’t have to master co-ordination of gear lever and clutch when mainstream moving off or slowing down for a corner. The car does the gear changing for you. Automatically That’s a blessing in stop-start city traffic. It can also enable people with certain kinds of disabilities to drive.

However, you have to bear in mind that an automatic licence only entitles you to drive an automatic car, whereas if you qualify for a manual licence you’re permitted to drive an automatic car as well

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the growing market trend is inevitably towards hybrid and electric cars. These are all automatic. Which could be why younger people now increasingly prefer automatic driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne with Steer and Go.